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About Us

About DizzyPhysio

At DizzyPhysio, we understand that dizziness, vertigo, and unsteadiness are scary things to experience. People who have these symptoms want answers as soon as possible! Sometimes, getting to the doctor right away just isn't an option. Our clinicians have years of experience in assessment and treatment of conditions which can cause these symptoms, and we are here for you!

Often, these symptoms are caused by problems with your inner ear. The inner ear, and its connections within the brain, are called your Vestibular System, which is in charge of sensing movement of your head. Your brain integrates the information from your vestibular system, visual system, and other body systems to get a sense of how you are moving through your environment. When this process malfunctions, you can have difficulty with movement-sensation, either sensing movement that is not really there, or not sensing movement of yourself or others correctly.

There are many things that can go wrong with your vestibular system, but we at DizzyPhysio are here to help! The good news is that many of these conditions are very treatable, and respond well to vestibular therapy! Our expert clinicians are dedicated to working with you and your other healthcare providers to ensure you understand what is happening, and how treatment can help you get back to living your life.

Book an Appointment, or Contact Us to learn more about what could be causing YOUR symptoms.

What we treat

Vestibular Symptoms:






Motion sensitivity


Vestibular Diagnoses:

Vestibular Neuritis & Labyrinthitis

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Endolymphatic Hydrops

Meniere's Disease

Vestibular Migraine

Persistent Postural-Perceived Dizziness (3PD)

Mal de DeBarquement Syndrome (MdDS)

Vestibular Hypofunction


Cerviocgenic dizziness

Ear Exam

Who are we?

Dr. Rudie Spigarelli, PT, DPT, PhD(c)

Dr. Spigarelli is a physical therapist practicing in her home-town of Austin, Texas.  She received her doctorate in physical therapy from Texas Woman's University in Houston. Rudie has experience in orthopedic physical therapy, obtaining certification in Manual Therapy, and found her true passion in vestibular rehabilitation. Rudie has experience working exclusively in the multidisciplinary vestibular setting, including with vestibular and audiological testing and teaching for vestibular education and certification courses. She currently serves full-time as faculty at the University of St. Augustine's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, She is currently pursuing a PhD in order to continue growth in teaching, research, and vestibular rehabilitation. Rudie noticed a need for remote vestibular rehab services during the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted her to start DizzyPhysio.

Rudie likes to read, watch movies, and enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family. Her other hobbies include golf, biking, Tai Chi, crochet, and American Sign Language.

Ms. Peach  

Peach currently serves as DizzyPhysio's VP of Customer Engagement.


Peach is a proud graduate of Hound Rescue of Central Texas.

Peach enjoys walks, treats, and belly rubs. Peach is happy to stop by any tele-health visits. 

Experience and Qualifications

Texas State University - San Marcos, Bachelor's in Exercise and Sports Science

Texas Woman's University - Houston, Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

Texas Woman's University, Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy (Ph.D.) In Progress

5+ years' experience in multidisciplinary practice treating exclusively vestibular patients

Faculty for 360 Neuro Health Institute Certificate of Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation

Manual Therapy Certification through Evidence in Motion

Visual-Vestibular Functional Integration Training (V2FIT®) in Concussion Management Certification through 360 Neuro Health Institute

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