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Coaching and Wellness Consultation

Don't have a health problem, but still want to chat? Set up a time!


30-90 min.



Friendly Conversation

Any topic is fair game! A 30-minute conversation about vestibular therapy, how to approach your more difficult vestibular patient cases, tips and tricks about living with a vestibular condition, exercise and wellness advice, are all easy to book today with our expert clinician!

Note: These sessions are meant as professional and wellness coaching ONLY, and will NOT include any form of evaluation, assessment, or treatment of any kind of medical condition.

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Coaching and Wellness Consultation

30 min.


Location & Contact Details

Tel: (512)-953-7626


By Phone or Online

Cancellation Policy: If you cannot make the appointment, please let us know sooner than 12 hours prior to your appointment time, in order to receive a full refund. We can reschedule a visit at no extra charge. Cancelled visits less than 12 hours in advance will refund all but $35 late-cancellation fee. Any other cancellation will result in $5 processing charge.

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