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Image by Ashley Batz
Coaching and Wellness Consultation

30-90 Mins | $50

Learning and Resources

The vestibular system can be so complicated! But it doesn’t have to be the daunting behemoth that many make it out to be. Rudie’s goal is to bring vestibular rehab out of the fog and into focus for both patients and clinicians alike. Check out some of the FREE available resources below, where she explains some vestibular topics in a way that everyone can understand.

Or book a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Spigs to talk about anything you want​

  • Mentorship​ for clinicians interested in vestibular rehab

  • Tough patient cases for clinicians treating vestibular patients

  • Complicated concepts in vestibular rehab

  • Wellness and exercise advice​

  • Running a vestibular telehealth business

  • General tips and tricks for living with a vestibular condition

  • Advice for caregivers

Any topic is fair game! The only thing we can't talk about is specific treatment advice for your specific vestibular condition. That's reserved for the Telehealth sessions!

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