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Our Telehealth Services

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Free Phone Consultation

Free consultation by phone with one of our expert clinicians*

10 Minutes

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Telehealth Initial Evaluation

A complete vestibular assessment by our expert physical therapist

1-2 Hrs


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Follow-up Telehealth Visit

Any follow-up visit with your clinician after the initial evaluation

45-90 minutes


Telehealth Vestibular Physical Therapy with DizzyPhysio

Telehealth with DizzyPhysio will allow you to get the care you need for your vestibular issues from the comfort of your own home, and without delay. Ideal for people who

  • Are taking precautions due to COVID-19

  • Live far away from any other vestibular specialists

  • Have to wait for an appointment with another specialist

  • Live busy lives and would benefit from flexible scheduling

…but still need vestibular therapy services!

You MUST have telehealth capabilities to participate in an online consultation, including a computer or mobile device with internet, web-camera, and microphone.


You MUST have an initial evaluation with our physical therapist before you can receive any follow-up treatment. Don't book a follow-up unless you have already received an initial evaluation and plan of care from your clinician.

Check out our blog post about how to make the most of your telehealth evaluation

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions about vestibular therapy and telehealth

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Considerations and Restrictions

  • DizzyPhysio is currently only licensed to operate in Texas. It is illegal for us to to provide telehealth physical therapy services to those outside of Texas. Please reach out for recommendations for vestibular providers in your area, and let us know what other states would benefit from our services!

  • Now accepting Medicare!

  • Now offering complimentary submission to your insurance for out-of-network benefits!

  • We are working towards many goals to make our services better and more easily accessible. We would LOVE your feedback! Let us know how we can improve our services here.

*Free phone consultations are available to anyone, anywhere.

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